Lanyards & Name Badges

Custom lanyards have become one of the most common and effective methods to advertise a business or promote a particular cause or campaign. Lanyards provide an easy way to carry any small, important items ranging from ID badges to keys to cell phones. Companies and organizations across the world use custom lanyards as promotional products simply because they’re inexpensive and people use them every day. 

Custom reusable badges have different uses and a variety of applications. We customize name badges to fit your design and requirements.

Lanyards and Name Badges Solutions:

  •     Various sizes, colors and materials
  •     Breakaway and Non-Breakaway lanyards
  •     Standard lanyard sizes: 15mm and 20mm
  •     Types of Lanyards:
    • Velcro Lanyards
    • PMS (Pantone Matching) Lanyards
    • High-Density Lanyards
    • Buckle Lanyards
    • Hook type Lanyards
    • Clip type Lanyards
  •     Lanyard Attachments:
    • Split Rings
    • Key Rings
    • Swivel Hooks
    • Lobster Claw / Thumb Trigger
    • Mobile Phone Loop
    • Bulldog Clips
  •     Name Badges and Name Plates:
    • Paper Insert Badges
    • Metal Insert Badges
    • With various sizes & thickness of Disk Magnets
    • With various sizes & types of Plastic & Butterfly Pins
  •     Printable Badge Reels
    • Round Plastic Badge Reels
    • Round Big Logo Badge Reels
    • Square Plastic Badge Reels
    • Metallic Finish Plastic Badge Reels
    • Chrome Metal Badge Reels
  •     ID Card Holders
  •     Luggage Loops
  •     Wristbands:
    • Silicone Wristbands
    • Tyvek Wristbands – waterproof adhesive
    • L-Shape Wristbands
    • Wide-face Wristbands
    • Slap bands
    • USB Wristbands and Slap bands


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